I have serious curvature of the spine and am in my 70's. I was a patient of another chiropractor for 5 years. I went to him every month and the last year of treatment, he only adjusted me 6 out of 12 visits, telling me I did not need to be adjusted. Well, I still had pain, the original pain I had for 5 years.  I was referred to Dr. Kaspar by recommendations from a friend of mine. Unlike the previous doctor, who told me that I was doing better and the pain that I was still experiencing was just a muscle problem, Dr. Kaspar listened to me.  She helped me to get relief from my so called "muscle pain" in just a few months. Now I  manage my scoliosis condition with regular visits to Dr. Kaspar. I have started doing activities I could not do for years due to the pain. Thank you Dr. Kaspar!

-C. Davis, Kansas City, KS

I am a retired nurse who has been coming to Dr. Kile Kaspar for over 8 years.  With upper and lower back pain, along with arthirtis in my neck,  my experience has been a very positive and rewarding one.  Dr. Kaspar is the kindest and most caring chiropractor I have known.  She has helped me be pain free from old sustained back injuries from years of nursing.  I will always be a patient of Dr. Kaspar's and Back In Motion Chiropractic.  

   -L. Zemites, Shawnee, KS

For over a year I have been a patient of Dr. Scott Harvey, having been under chiropractic care for the past six years; my treatment regimen has been far better than any previous. Diagnosed with scoliosis at age 20, maintaining range of motion has been difficult for me.  The attention given by Dr. Harvey and Dr. Kaspar has extended to my wife and children with each treatment regimen being focused on the individual.  Further benefits obtained from the Back In Motion Chiropractic have been ranged from sports related treatments for me, specialized treatments using ultrasound and deep tissue stem, to a full complement of supplements and vitamins for the entire family.  We have also enjoyed in depth analysis and prescribing of orthotic inserts, orthopedic shoes, as well as custom fitted pillows.  Back In Motion is a complete treatment facility, with the focus being place on the individual.

-G. Overton, Shawnee, KS

Over three years ago I developed an apparent back and sciatic problem due to my work as an artist. After eight months of seeing various doctors and completing six weeks of physical therapy, I had seen little improvement. In addition, I had two steroid injections into the spine. At that time, a friend recommended that I see Dr. Kaspar with Back In Motion. After an evaluation session of looking at my MRI films and a hands-on exam of my muscular condition, she concluded that I had piriformis muscle problem stemming from a disk condition. After using gentle back adjustments, ultrasound, and electotherastem treatments, I began to see much improvement. In addition, Dr. Kaspar referred me to a doctor for cortisone treatment to boost the healing process. Now I see Dr. Kaspar for occasional treatments to maintain back and muscular health. Back In Motion is much more than an "adjustment" chiropractic practice. They have a wide range of medical treatments to give patients their best chance for restored health, plus they really listen! I will always be grateful to that friend for recommending Dr. Kaspar and Back In Motion.

-M.K. Duwe, Shawnee, KS

Dr. Kile Kaspar is the most passionate person about studying a wide range of health issues (cause & effect) and helping others find and implement real solutions to their health challenges. That is... more so than anyone I know. She and her husband have set up a world class chiropractic / health care practice. I applaud them! my wife and I are both indebted to them for the difference Dr. Kile has made in both of our lives and ongoing health.

-D.& Y. Winney, Overland Park, KS